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Seal Number Author Title Type Genre Links
Seal Number Author Title Type Genre Links
10012199 Zia Ahmad The One Hundred fiction adventure
10012200 Chance Maree Alexios, Before Dying fiction adventure
10012201 Tineke Van der Eecken Café d'Afrique: A Personal Discovery nonfiction autobiographical
10012202 PJ Sharon Heaven Is for Heroes fiction drama
10012203 Fayth Devlin Blood Lust Rising (The Vampire Queen Trilogy) fiction supernatural
10012204 Neil L. Yuzuk & David A. Yuzuk Beachside PD: The Reluctant Knight fiction crime
10012205 C.V. Smith Nettie Parker's Backyard: fiction adventure
10012206 Paula Friedman The Rescuer’s Path fiction romance
10012207 Jaq D Hawkins The Wake of the Dragon: A Steampunk Adventure fiction adventure
10012208 Alan Place Chronicles of Mark Johnson: 8 Short Ghost Stories fiction mystery
10012209 Clancy Tucker Gunnedah Hero fiction young adult
10012210 Rocco Ryg I Am Become Death fiction supernatural

10012211 Jeff Dawson Love's True Second Chance fiction romance
10012212 Matthew Hance The Memory Eater fiction short stories
10012213 Ann H. Barlow The Guardian's Chronicles: A New Dawn fiction supernatural
10012214 Michael Jennings Flight Surgeon fiction romance
10012215 Ian Cant Goliath and the Killer Zombie fiction science fiction
10012216 Bill Schiff Growing Up and Getting Old Behind the Wheel: An American Auto Biographynonfictionautobiographical
10012217 Philip Newey Maybe They'll Remember Me fiction romance
10012218 Joel Canfield You Don't Want a Job nonfiction self help
10012219 Jon Hedges Garden Stake fiction crime
10012220 Gregory Carrico Apocalypstick fiction science fiction
10012221 Chris Almeida Countermeasure fiction mystery
10012222 Diane Mannion Kids' Clubs and Organizations:A Comprehensive UK Guide (Volume 1) nonfiction reference
10012223 Dana Haffar Leah fiction drama
10012224 Jacob Singer Vase with the Many Coloured Marbles Book 1, Emma; Book 2, Marla fiction historical
10012225 Thomas Hill Warriors Song fiction historical
10012226 Thomas Knight Time Weaver fiction science fiction
10012227 James Strait Déjà Vu All Over Again fiction science fiction
10012228 Gail Briggs Exorcism of the Species fiction science fiction
10012230 Charles Capasso Reign of Rezal fiction science fiction
10012231 Kaylin McFarren Severed Threads fiction mystery
10012232 Jodie Toohey Missing Emily fiction historical
10012233 Paula Sharon Waning Moon fiction science fiction
10012234 Susan Gerstein Lily's Daughter nonfiction memoir
10012235 Rick Carufel Phosphiendz ficton science fiction
10012236 Lorijo Metz Wheels fiction science fiction
10012237 Larry Martz To Know the Truth fiction crime
10012238 Shawn StJean Clotho's Loom fiction romance
10012240 Jasha Levi Requiem for a Country nonfiction memoir
10012241 Brian Heffron Colorado Mandala fiction romance
10012242 Chris Almeida To Russia With Love fiction suspense
10012243 Shari Brady Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye fiction family struggle
10012244 Lauren Baratz-Logsted Pursuing the Times fiction romantic comedy
10012245 Fenella Miller Barbara's War fiction historical
10012246 Karen Davison The Perfect Companion nonfiction self help
10012248 Massimo Marino Daimones fiction science fiction
10012249 Melissa Bowersock Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan nonfiction memoir
10012250 Robert Wascher, M.D. A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race nonfiction self help
10012251 V. Karen McMahon To My Last Breath fiction family struggle
10012252 Mathew Paust Sacrifice fiction satire
10012253 R.G. "Bud" Phelps Back in the Day nonfiction memoire
10012254 Jacky Gray Archer fiction historical
10012255 Richard Bunning Another Space in Time, Returns fiction science fiction
10012256 Betsy Tice White A Patriotic Man fiction adventure
10012257 Gene Parola Lehua, The Story of a Woman fiction historical
10012258 Elaine Benton Parkinson's, Shaken Not Stirred nonfiction poetry
10012259 Robin Williams A Deadly Suggestion fiction suspense
10012260 Judith Marshall Husbands May Come & Go but Friends Are Forever fiction contemporary
10012261 James Toner The Black Orchestra fiction spy thriller
10012262 Vasant Dave Trade Winds to Meluhha fiction historical
10012263 McDaid Emily The Boiler Plot fiction suspense novel
10012264 Staniforth David Fuel to the Fire fiction fantasy
10012265 Maher Kathleen Underground Nest fiction literary fiction
10012266 Plummer Maggie Spirited Away fiction historical
10012267 Wills Jim A Few Men Faithful: A Kavanaugh Story I fiction historical
10012268 Bryant Robbi Dream fiction urban fantasy
10012269 Jill Sadowsky David’s Story nonfiction memoir
10012270 Jacqueline Patrick Dreams of the Queen fiction science fiction
10012271 Norma Danzey Shelter in the Storm: Songs of the Heart fiction faith-based fiction
10012272 Jenelle Leanne Schmidt King’s Warrior (The Minstrel’s Song) fiction science fiction
10012273 T.J. Cooke Kiss and Tell fiction thriller
10012274 Thomas A. Knight Legacy:Book II of the Time Weaver Chronicles fiction science fiction
10012275 Shah Wharton Finding Esta No. 1 The Supes Series fiction paranormal
10012276 J.E. Rogers The Sword of Demelza fiction fantasy
10012277 Georgiana Derwent Oxford Blood fiction paranormal
10012278 Dianne Ascroft Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves fiction short stories
10012279 Gina LoBiondo Pegasus: A Dragon’s Tale fiction fantasy
10012280 Deborah Heal Every Hill and Mountain fiction romence
10012281 Leonard “Stoney” Compton Treadwell: A Novel of Alaska Territory fiction Native American
10012282 M.T. McGuire Few Are Chosen fiction scince fiction
10012283 Emma MactaggartChild Writes:A step by step guide to writing and illustrating a children's picture book nonfiction
10012284 Karen S. Bell Sunspots fiction romance/fantasy
10012285 Sophia Martin The City Darkens fiction science fiction
10012286 Jaq D. Hawkins Demoniac Dance fiction fantasy
10012287 Gina LoBiondo Button Nose The Sad Little Bear fiction children's story
10012288 Mary E. Trimble Tubob nonfiction memoir
10012289 Joe DiBuduo A Penis Manologue nonfiction human sexuality
10012290 Damon J. Gray Finding Faith in Slow Motion nonfiction Spirituality
10012291 Jerry J. Lobdill Last Train to El Paso nonfiction historical crime
10012292 Andrew Cunningham Wisdom Spring fiction spy thriller
10012293 Philip Catshill Never Say I can't (after stroke) nonfiction memoir